Why have an engagement shoot?

As you start writing your wedding to-do list, you’ll most likely have ‘find a wedding photographer’ on there. But what about a photographer for your engagement? What is an engagement shoot even, and why would you need one?

If you’re asking those questions, then you’re not alone!

Engagement (or pre-wedding) shoots are a fantastic idea for any couple who think they look terrible in photos or say they hate having their picture taken, and here are some reasons why…

couple being photographed next to a wall

Practice makes perfect

These shoots are a great way to get to know your photographer better as well as get a bit of practice in front of the camera before your big day. And if you’re thinking this means striking cringe-worthy poses, that’s not my style at all so please don’t worry! My approach is relaxed and informal. By gently directing you into natural-looking positions, you’ll end up with some truly beautiful and romantic photographs to remind you of this special and exciting time.

Banish any camera nerves

Designed to put you at your ease and help you banish any camera nerves, these photo sessions are all about having fun and capturing the connection between you. So the more you can mess about and make each other laugh, pull silly faces and sneak a quick kiss, the better! And the result? Lots of beautiful, happy and relaxed photos!

Slow down and re-connect

In the midst of all the craziness of wedding planning, an engagement shoot gives the two of you the perfect opportunity to slow down, re-connect, and just have fun together.

Lorna made us feel at ease from the start. We had such a wonderful day and I am certain it will be one of the best memories we have from the lead up to our wedding.”

Jo and Declan

Where should you have your engagement shoot?

I would ask you to choose the location for the shoot, and suggest that ideally it should be somewhere outdoors that you know and love. Why? By choosing a location which brings back happy memories and/or where you usually feel relaxed will give you a great head start to feeling relaxed in front of the camera. To give you some ideas, I’ve had photoshoots in city parks and gardens, cathedral cloisters, museums, Oxford college gardens, in the woods, at a Christmas market, and even at an ice rink! Are you starting to get some ideas? I hope so! 🙂

“Lorna had some great ideas for photography venues in the city. She also helped guide us with our various ‘poses’ but kept everything feeling very natural and relaxed. We both felt very at ease and even found that we were having fun! We really appreciate how we both really just look like ourselves rather than made up or over-posed.”

Laura and Jay

What do you DO in an engagement shoot?

Again, not an uncommon question! Together we’ll spend a relaxed hour, walking, talking and getting to know each other better while I snap away with my camera. 

I’ll gently guide you into natural-looking poses, but also invite you to focus on each other. By doing that, you’ll soon forget I even exist, and happily just do your own thing – mess about, make each other laugh, pull silly faces and sneak a quick kiss!

So by the time your big day comes around, you’ll be totally at ease. In fact, you won’t think about having your picture taken at all, but just about enjoying every moment of marrying your best friend. 

“We had time to relax into it and chat, it was actually like going for a walk with a friend. The whole experience made us feel very special and also more comfortable about the wedding photos! Also, Lorna’s advice before the shoot about how to get ready was really helpful and made us consider our outfits well.”

Claire & Richard

So, have I convinced you to have an engagement shoot yet? I hope so! If you have any questions or want to have a chat about having your own engagement shoot, please drop me a line or give me a call on +44 (0)7871 275 179.

P.S. Want to see more engagement shoot images? Then head over to my couples gallery.


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