The pros and cons of hiring a second wedding photographer

Having got married myself, I understand how much time and energy (and let’s not forget money too!) that goes into planning a wedding, and how important capturing all the details and precious memories will be to you and your loved ones. 

So that then begs the question…

Do you need a second wedding photographer, or will one be just fine? 

Below is some honest, logical and practical advice about the pros and cons of having a second shooter to help you answer this question. 

Pros of having a second wedding photographer

  • If you’re having a big wedding (100+ guests) it’s impossible for me to capture all the fun, so having a second photographer is really useful.
  • A second shooter can provide a different perspective at the ceremony which means we can capture more amazing shots.
  • If you and your partner are getting ready at different locations, between us we can capture all those pre-wed nerves and excitement and can therefore tell the story of both of you getting ready.
  • If you’re only having a short drinks reception (of just an hour), a second photographer can be really useful so that I can concentrate on the group and couple photographs, while my second photographer concentrates on taking relaxed shots of your guests.
  • You’ll get more beautiful images than with just one photographer.
brides and bridesmaids

Cons of having a second wedding photographer

  • If you’re the sort of person who often feels awkward in front of the camera, then having two photographers focusing on you could make you  feel uncomfortable and/or nervous. 
  • At small weddings, having two photographers may feel intrusive and take away from the intimacy of the celebration.
  • Hiring two talented photographer will be more expensive than hiring one.
  • Potential inconsistency in style between the first and second shooter.  
  • Delivery of your photos will take a little longer as there will be more photos to edit.
wedding ceremony at Barnett Hill Hotel

How it works with one wedding photographer 

My approach is all about keeping things easy, natural, and cringe-free, and helping you feel relaxed in front of the camera. For this reason, I usually work alone so that I seamlessly blend in with your day, capturing every moment as your day naturally unfolds without you noticing. 

“Having Lorna photograph our wedding was a delight. On the day itself she somehow managed to be in several places at once and captured every special moment and more. We barely noticed the camera (other than the posed pictures) yet she didn’t miss a thing. We absolutely love the photographs and are looking forward to decorating our home with them.”

– Katie & Kevin

If one of your main reasons for considering a second photographer is to cover the morning preparations from both perspectives, so long as you’re both getting ready at the same venue, then I can easily flit between both rooms so I have you covered. 

How it works with two wedding photographers 

If for any of the reasons above you decide you would love to have a second photographer along to help capture your day, then please let me know and I’ll happily arrange this for you. 

I have a list of trusted professional photographers I frequently work with who compliment my photographic style and relaxed and flexible approach, so you can rest assured that our work will be consistent.  

And in case you were wondering, I also edit and deliver the second photographer’s photos along with my own. This way, all the images will be in my style and you won’t be able to tell who took which photo. 

“A few of weeks before the big day, Lorna suggested we could have an extra photographer who could capture shots of the groom getting ready and also the guests whilst we took couple shots. It was well worth it and Lorna even made sure the editing was done by herself so that the photographs were all consistent.”

– Scott & Frances

Now I will go on record and say that just because you have two photographers doesn’t mean you’ll get double the number of images. Quality over quantity is always my motto, and of course any duplicates will always be deleted. The way I instruct my second shooters to capture the day means that they won’t generally take as many photos as me and will focus on certain areas allowing me to do my thing. You will, however, get at least 30% more images than if you hire me as a single photographer.

To help you compare, I’d be happy to share an example of a solo-shot wedding gallery and a duo-shot wedding gallery with you. Just drop me an email to ask. 

So, will you have one or two wedding photographers? 

I hope this post has helped with your decision-making rather than adding to your confusion?  

I can often easily book a second photographer 6-8 weeks before your wedding, so if you’d prefer to leave the decision until closer to your wedding, then that’s no problem. (Unless you’re booking last minute, of course!) 


If you want to talk to someone about your wedding day, chat through how many hours of coverage would be right for you, and find out how I can support you then I would love to chat to you. I’m here and happy to help. Lorna x



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