Berkshire Engagement Photography at Goring and Streatley

An engagement photoshoot in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty? Yes please!

When Lee and Sofia suggested having their engagement shoot (or pre-wedding shoot) down by the river in Goring and Streatley, I confessed to them that I’d never been there. But discovering and exploring new places is one of the things I love most about being a wedding photographer, so I was definitely up for it! And what a treat I was in for! The two adjacent quintessentially English villages straddle the River Thames and are set in beautiful and unspoilt scenery on the edges of not just one, but two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (the Chilterns and the North Wessex Downs), so offering a gorgeous backdrop for their photoshoot.

Excellent choice Lee and Sofia, thank you! 

So, why did they choose this particular location? 

Sofia grew up not very far from Goring and Streatley and since they now only live a short distance away (in Tilehurst) Goring and Streatley is a place they both know and love, and their obvious choice when they take Reggie – their Miniature Schnauzer – out for walks.

For Lee and Sofia’s shoot we had decided to meet at 8pm, giving us an hour before sunset. I was really hoping that we’d get that golden light that gives everything that warm, romantic and magical glow. We had planned starting the shoot with Lee and Sofia playing with Reggie on the way down to the river, then pottering about along the river bank, before ending the shoot with the two of them sat on a picnic blanket, enjoying a glass of wine, while looking out over the River Thames as the sun set.

Sounds pretty idyllic, huh?

However – in true British weather fashion – the weather god’s had other ideas that evening. It was a bit grey and muggy with rain pending, so the romantic picnic and sunset idea went quickly out the window! But because we’d already had to rearrange the shoot several times because of the pandemic, we decided to carry on regardless. And while I’m pretty sure everyone hopes for a sunny day for a photoshoot (particularly on a wedding day), truth be told, a slightly overcast day is often a good thing for photography, since the light is much softer and more even.

Here’s what Lee and Sofia had to say about their photoshoot: 

“Lorna has been fantastic to work with and incredibly accommodating, especially during this pandemic and having to rearrange multiple times. She took time to visit locations ahead of time, prepare us with suggestions and made us feel comfortable throughout. It was our first photoshoot and we were a bit nervous about it, Lorna’s approach and personality helped forget these nerves before we even started shooting. Despite the weather not being on our side being a little gloomier than we hoped, the photographs turned out fantastic with a huge amount of natural light. Excited for the wedding photographs now!” 

If you’re anything like Lee and Sofia, then chances are being photographed by a pro on your wedding day or having a photoshoot may be totally new for you, so is it any wonder that you might feel a bit nervous about it? I’ve been there too. I remember the first time I was on the other side of a camera, worrying beforehand about how to stand and what to do with my hands. But that’s why having an engagement shoot is such a great idea, as it gives you the chance to get used to being in front of my camera before your big day, and with a little gentle guidance, just like Lee and Sofia, I bet you’ll be surprised how quickly you relax into it once we get going.

Another great benefit of having an engagement shoot is that it gives me an opportunity to see how the two of you are around each other. Some couples are loud and funny, teasing and making each other laugh naturally. Some have no qualms at having a little smooch, while others are a little more shy at showing public displays of affection. And that’s totally ok. I don’t want to make you do anything you’re not comfortable with, so finding these things out before your wedding day means that I can more easily plan ahead for your wedding day to ensure that your wedding photos are just the way you want them. 

So how about it? I would absolutely love the opportunity to work with you, so if you’d like to explore hiring me as your photographer, get in touch and let’s start chatting! 🙂


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