3 reasons why you should have a printed wedding album

You may have noticed that having a printed wedding album isn’t so common these days. And yes, I can see why, as having your wedding photos as digital files is so much more convenient. It gives you complete freedom to share your photos across social media, print or make your wedding photos into pretty much anything you like. But in truth, the sad fate of many couples’ wedding photos is that they sit on a computer’s hard drive and never see the light of day. Since I think that’s such a shame, today I’m sharing with you 3 reasons why I think it’s 100% worthwhile investing in a printed wedding album.  

1. Computers don’t last forever

Can you imagine how terrible it would be if your computer crashed one day and you lost all your wedding photos just like that? Yikes! It doesn’t even bear thinking about, does it? So yes, knowing that all your favourite wedding photos are in a printed album from day one is a great safety measure.

2. Enjoy some non-screen downtime

Rather than hunting for your wedding files on your computer or phone, just imagine the ease of going to your bookshelf and pulling out your wedding album to show your family and/or friends when they pop over. Or bringing it out on your anniversary or another special occasion and turning those pages without interruptions or notifications popping up on your phone or computer at the same time. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Believe me, there’s something extra special about holding your printed wedding album in your hands, rather than flicking through photos on your phone or computer. Not only do the colours and details look more vivid in a professionally printed album, but because of the way the images have been carefully and purposefully laid out to tell your unique story, the album invites you to relive all those wonderful moments all over again. Your very own wedding fairytale picture book…

3. A wedding album is your first heirloom as a married couple  

Before digital photography, when film photography was the only option, having a wedding album was standard. The beauty of this was that couples would have something physical and tangible to hand on to future generations. Digital files are fantastic and make it so much easier to back up and save your images, but I believe only having a set of JPEG images shouldn’t be where it ends. By having a printed wedding album you can be sure that your wedding photos will live on well beyond the life of your computer or a social media update. I think your special day deserves that, don’t you?

In case you fancy a sneak peek, here’s a short video I put together of one of the wedding albums I put together for a client:

Admittedly, the album looks a lot better in real life which is why I always take one or two sample albums with me to wedding fairs or initial meetings with clients so that they can see exactly what they’ll be getting. But it will certainly give you a good idea of what to expect, and the quality of the printing and binding.

There’s a wide range of different coloured linens to choose from, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing your album cover. Which of these 30 colours would you choose?

wedding album linen colour samples

P.S. Want to see an album in the flesh? I’d LOVE to show you! Email me and let’s set up a date in the diary to meet up.


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