Isabell and Bing’s Engagement Photoshoot in Oxford

I think Shakespeare definitely got it right when he wrote ‘sweet lovers love the Spring’ as I couldn’t agree more when I saw Isabell and Bing together. 

Isabell and Bing are from Singapore and met at University. Although they were at the same University in Singapore, it wasn’t until their year abroad when they both went to Sheffield Uni that their friendship blossomed into something much deeper and more special.

3 years on and they’re engaged. Sadly enough, the couple haven’t spent much of their engaged life together so far, as Isabell is currently studying for her Masters at St Hilda’s College, Oxford while Bing is living and working back in Singapore. So while Bing was here on holiday for 2 weeks, Isabell thought it would be a lovely idea to have an engagement shoot to mark this very special time in their journey together. It was therefore my absolute honour and a joy to witness Isabell and Bing’s unique love during a 1-hour photo shoot around Oxford’s city centre and University Parks.

My advice when I’m photographing a couple is that – as far as possible – they try to forget that I’m there, and just be themselves and enjoy spending some quality time together, as only then will the photos look really genuine and a true reflection of the couple. Indeed, as Isabell had said herself,

“we hope to take photos that are candid, fun and light-hearted. Most importantly, we really hope the photos can reflect our characters and relationship which involves a lot of teasing, making each other laugh and letting loose.”

I’d say that these photos meet that brief,  wouldn’t you?


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