Capturing Love at Christmas

Christmas Eve in Edinburgh… For many of you, your first thoughts are probably grey, cold, windy, dark, and maybe wet. Am I right? Well, don’t let stereotypes deceive you…Sometimes, just sometimes you get lucky! And thankfully, the luck was with us on the 24th December 2017, as it a mild, bright and dry day.

Now you’re probably wondering why this is of any importance? Well, on this day, I had an outdoor shoot with Laura and Jay, so we were delighted that the elements were on our side.

Laura is originally from Edinburgh but has lived in Vancouver, Canada for the last 10 years. She still has family back in Scotland, so makes the pilgrimage across the Atlantic every year. This Christmas was more special than usual however, and it was to be a Christmas of firsts: the first time Laura was bringing her partner Jay home for Christmas, the first time that he was meeting many members of her family, AND his first ever time in Scotland. (Big deal, huh?!) So, to mark this momentous occasion and celebrate their unique love, they decided to have a photo shoot.

We started our shoot at 3pm outside The Dome – a decadent restaurant in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town, with a Graeco-Roman façade and Corinthian Portico which is beautifully decorated at Christmas (as you can see from the photos on their website). No surprise, this is an extremely popular spot that we were not the only ones to take photos here.

Next stop and it had to be Jenners, an old department store known as the “Harrods of the North”. Why a department store on one of the busiest days of the year, you may wonder! Well, at Christmas they have a massive tree which stands in the centre of the store and almost reaches the ceiling, 2 floors up! For many locals like Laura, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without having seen this tree, so it was important for her to show Jay and to enjoy a moment admiring the stunning tree.

December at dusk is definitely a favourite time. No matter if it’s been a dull, grey day, the city comes alive and all the pretty Christmas lights add warmth and a soft glow to the streets. Ever so romantic, particularly when you have time to enjoy a leisurely walk around the (not-too-packed!) German-style Christmas market…

So, what do you think? Have I tempted you to take a trip to Edinburgh this year? I certainly hope so! 🙂

And finally, here are a few words about the shoot from Laura:

Lorna had some great ideas for photgraphy venues in the city. She also helped guide us with our various “poses” but kept everything feeling very natural and relaxed. We both felt very at ease and even found that we were having fun! Lorna clearly enjoys her photography work which came across in her manner and attitude. She was professional but also passionate and warm.

Jay and I are delighted with the results from that day. We really appreciate how we both really just look like ourselves rather than made up or over-posed. Once we move into our new apartment we plan to print and frame a few of our favourite shots (how will we choose only a few?) to decorate our new home.

Would highly recommend Lorna’s photography services. Thank you Lorna!


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