A happy trip down memory lane

Woohoo! Your wedding photographer has just sent you all the digital files from your wonderful wedding! Now what? 

For many couples, they excitedly look through them, pick a few favourites and share them on social media, and maybe send some to their family and friends. They likely have every intention that they’ll print some out and frame them, and also put together a photo album. But then life happens and before they know it, a few years have gone by and their gorgeous wedding photos are relinquishing sadly on their computer’s hard drive.

I’m not trying to guilt-trip you if I’m describing you here, but this is unfortunately the story I hear all too often. You’re not alone either, it’s just life!

As a wedding photographer it makes me very sad to hear of this sorry fate. So this is the reason why I include a wedding album in all my wedding packages.

It fills me with so much joy to know that my clients’ wedding photo album will instead nestle happily amongst the newspapers, magazines, books (and whatever else may be on my clients’ coffee tables) and be looked at often. It’s besides the point for my clients, but I also really enjoy designing photo albums and will happily while away a few hours lovingly putting them together.

My current choice of photo albums are by Saal Digital. I love their gorgeous linen, hard-covered, lay-flat albums with thick matte pages. The photo colours are vibrant and the images crisp, and because the albums are lay-flat,  the layout and photo sizes can be arranged in any way you wish. Being slim-line and A4 in size, they are easy to post and make excellent gifts for your family too! (Hint hint, Christmas is just around the corner…)

Here’s what Claire and Richard had to say about their albums:

“Thank you so much for our wedding albums. We really appreciate all of the hard work you put into them – we absolutely love the finished product!”

A puppy isn’t just for Christmas, and a marriage isn’t just for one day either. So how about making your wedding photos easily accessible every day, and enjoying those wonderful memories again and again with one delightful and easy turn of the page?

P.S. If this post has struck a chord with you, please share this post with your friends and family. Together we can stop the sad fate of many photos! 😉

P.P.S. If you’re curious to see the rest of the photos from the album in the photographs, please click here.

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