10 advantages of having an Autumn or Winter Wedding

It’s no surprise that in the UK, the most popular wedding dates are usually in Spring and Summer when it’s more likely to be warm and sunny. However, Autumn and Winter weddings can also be just as stunning, and here are just a few reasons why…

1. Fewer people are on holiday

You want all your friends and family to be there, right? Holding an Autumn or Winter wedding (avoiding Christmas time) means you can expect a greater number of your guests to be able to come. Your preferred photographer and other wedding suppliers are also far more likely to be available.

2. You won’t get as sweaty! 

Ok, this may be Britain, but it can still get pretty hot in the Summer! If you choose an Autumn or Winter date you will know to expect cooler weather, and could consider an elegant long-sleeved dress without the fear of overheating in the sun! Glam accessories such as faux fur shrugs or even elegant full length cloaks are also fun. Chaps won’t get as hot in their suits either. And if you are blessed with beautiful sunshine, it will be a pleasant and welcome surprise.

3. Embrace the colours of the season

It’s the perfect time to embrace rich, luscious colours – oranges, reds, pinks, purples, blues and emerald greens are just stunning. Plus there’s such a wide range of flowers to choose from. And not forgetting berries, dried flowers or turning Autumn leaves which can be a gorgeous seasonal addition. 

4. Fairy lights, candles and fireworks

Fairly lights and candles of any size are a great way to create a warm, cosy and romantic atmosphere, especially when the evening draws in. You could also wow your guest with an impressive fireworks display, or have a sparkler exit. 

5. Free decorations

If you choose to have your wedding in December (or even late November these days!) your venue will most likely already be decorated for the holiday season which will instinctively add a more celebratory feel to your celebration. And the best bit? You won’t have to pay for it! Win-Win! 

6. Off peak prices and more venue availability 

Avoiding the Summer months, and venues are often significantly cheaper, so you’ll be able to make more of your wedding budget without compromising on style. And not only that, but they’ll likely have more availability meaning you’ll have more dates to choose from. And if your chosen venue has gardens and grounds, just think how stunning your photos will look with a leafy autumnal backdrop of reds and golds?!

7. Cheaper accommodation and travel

By avoiding peak holiday season, your guests will be able to take advantage of off-season prices on travel and accommodation, which I’m sure they’ll thank you for! 

8. Delicious warming food

On a cold, crisp day, can there be anything better than a hearty, comforting meal? Perhaps a roast of some sort with all your favourite indulgent trimmings. You could also carry the winter theme over to your drink choices too and enjoy mulled wine or cider, winter Pimms, or choose hot vodka cocktails as the welcome drink for your guests.

9. Best Honeymoon EVER!

Who doesn’t love a bit of heat and sunshine to get you through the Winter months? While everyone else is putting up with the wet and cold of the UK, think how much more you’ll appreciate a beach honeymoon after your Autumn/Winter wedding!

10. Gorgeous golden light 

You’ll probably spend a lot of time imagining how amazing your wedding day will look. From the dress to the flowers right through to the smallest details. But it’s also well worth thinking about the impact light can have on your photos. 

In Autumn and Winter, “Golden Hour” – the hour before sunset – is that bit earlier, meaning that you can take full advantage of that soft glorious golden light for those romantic photos of just the two of you that you’ll treasure forever. 


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